If we have as our objective the everlasting dependence on external factors or donor  fundings, we will be doing very little in the sense of educating our people for self-dependence or self-sufficiency. As mentioned above, it is our main objective to collaborate in the eradication of poverty in our country and educate our people in acquiring work  habits. Such habits will be instilled in their minds from a very early age so as to be an integrant part of the individual.

As such, we will have:
• An orchard with several fruit trees –orange, lemon, mango and others;
• Several kinds of cultivated fields – vegetables, manioc, potatoes, peanuts, sweet
  potatoes and others;
• A poultry (chicken, ducks, and others);
• Small animal breeding (rabbits and goats).

• Water holes and a system of irrigation so as not to be dependent on the rains. There
  will also be other means of water retention such as the construction of water cisterns;
• There will be a guest house with economical prices to help travellers who need to
  spend a night or two in a guest house;
• A pavillion for parties, weddings or other needs where our musical band will play;
• A professional musical band;
• There may also be sale of traditional food  and non-alcoolic drinks;
•  The elderly will also make a good use of their manual skills such as knitting, sewing,
  basket making and other crafts which will be launched for sale locally and
  internationally  as a means of financial autonomy. 


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