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The Project “ Associação O Legado” is an awakening of  conscience of the three generations of humanity, children, youth and adults for the reality of their constant interdependence.

In our world today, where the advanced technology opens wider and wider gaps in the midst of society, caused by age differences, the “Association The Legacy” aims at recovering the forgotten human values in order to approach the three generations so that hand in hand they can overcome the obstacles and live in harmony, having as their sole weapon love and reconciliation.

In short, all the activities of this Association, will have as their only objective educating all the participants to recognize the value of interdependence thus giving value to each human being independent of the social context  into which he or she is situated.


The ‘Associação O Legado’ was officially recognized by the Ministry of Justice, as a judicial  person on 3  August  2011.

Boletim da República III Serie, Número 34, Terça-feira, 30 de Agosto de 2011, 4º suplemento.


This is our LOGO



It is explained as follows:

 You can see a drop of water falling into the ocean and causing undulations. 
• The drop of water means the generous endowment of each human being for the harmonious welfare of humanity;
• The waves that multiply mean the strength of communication in the Legacy  which transmits from generation to generation, its culture and values;
• The green color stands for nature, fertility, life. It symbolizes self-respect and well being. It is the color of balance and it also means learning, growth, harmony in the community. Green contains the powerful energies of nature. Green is associated with the Heart Chakra which deals with higher consciousness and love. 





Child education


Overall education


Labor education






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