The project  ‘Association  The LEGACY’, is the outcome of our long lasting yearning to help the community, reinforced by our first President’s line of thought of eradicating poverty.
This is a a non-profit project, inspired by the idea of helping people in need of spiritual and material help, no matter what their  age, old young or children. It is based on human solidarity  and on the spirit of communitary service, contributing to the welfare of those who join it.

It will be a centre of welcome for the 3 generations, children, young people and the elderly. In principle, our centre will welcome those elderly who have been rejected by their families and others without a home or living in a situation of extreme poverty. The second group of vulnerable people welcomed by the centre will consist of young people who have been forsaken for various reasons and who earnestly desire to have a home and perspectives for the future. There will also be a third group composed of orphan or abandoned children who need assistance. For that reason, the centre will be known as: ‘ Association The Legacy’.

The recruitment of the needy in the three life stages will be made through the ministry of Social Action and with the help of community leaders.
Besides taking care of these groups, we have the following objectives:

• Establish the inter-relationship between the 3 generations: child, youth and elderly; 
• Restore forgotten human values;
• Give value to the wisdom of the elderly;
• Educate the youth to make a prudent and honest use of the vigour and enthusiasm of their age;
• Allow our “flowers that never fade” to grow in a healthy environment of mutual respect, self-confidence, self-esteem
   and above all of much love and tenderness;
• Implement the importance of transmitting cultural values through all the vulnerable ages;
• Learn to share tasks.
• Create work habits.

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