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 Maria Leonor Sara Santana Rodrigues
born in Goa, India and of  Mozambican nacionality, is  a retired methodologist and language teacher  Presently she works as an authorized independent teacher of Portuguese, English and French.   When working in the  Ministry of Education, she was Director of the Institute of Languages in Maputo, capital of Mozambique and also Regional Coordinator  of a  project of teaching English and Portuguese for the  SADC (Southern Africa Development Community), sponsored by the European Union.



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 Jeremias Luís Chilundo
presently working as a teacher of Portuguese and English as well as a sworn translator, was a civil servant in the extinct Ministry of Information, attended the Catholic Seminary Christ the King in Maputo, where he started his training for priesthood (1993), he studied philosophy at Saint Augustine Philosophical Seminary in Matola. Studied Theology at John Vianney Seminary In Pretoria, South Africa and he was ordained Priest. He ministered 10 years in different. During this period he served in different assignments in Mozambique, South Africa and United States of America, namely:
. Parish-Vicar in some parishes in the Archdiocese of Maputo (Manhiça, Namaacha, Cathedral of Maputo);
. Vice-Rector and Dean of Studies at Propedeutic Seminary Christ the King in Matola;
. Parish Priest at Our Lady of Victories Catholic Church;
. Diocesan Representative of Mozambican and Angolan refugees in South Africa (Johannesburg and Pretoria);
. Substitute-Rector at the Body of Christ Community in Maryland in the United States of America;
. Administered several courses and Workshops for Adults, Youth and Children;
. Gave training to married couples. 

Project Organizers:

They are the organizers of this project which is a private community project, constituted in the form of civil society with non-profit aims and not dependant on any institution. They discovered that they had the same yearnings of being useful in improving the lives of their less favored fellow people.
In this way, the “Association The Legacy" was born and together with the rest of the founders, they are indeed very keen on pushing forward this project. With the help of God and of our potential donors and collaborators we all hope to reach our goal.
In broad lines this is the project that we hope to keep updated monthly in this website so as not to disappoint anyone.                                       next

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