children will be educated:
- in patriotic love;
- in the human values, such as self-esteem, discipline, respect,
   honesty and integrity;
-  sharing of tasks;
-  work habits; 
-  humanitarian and moral values of love and respect for neighbour.


• All the young people will receive compulsory instruction up to class 10;
• There will be a library and incentives for investigation;
• Everybody will have an extra-curricular activity to be chosen from a list of 
  activities so as to be prepared to have a job within or outside the Centre;
• Everybody should participate in cultural and sports activities;
• There will be several incentives depending on several factors. Everything will be clear
  as our ideas get clearer. This is our first draft;
• On Sundays there will be sports and cultural activities which will be opened to the
• Everybody will have a task to be carried out under their responsibility some 
  permanent, others in turns such as: taking care of a plant, watering, looking after a
  flower bed , a vegetable garden, cooking  and others; 
• Each young person will take care of their own clothes, clean their own rooms,
  study in the study hours, and perform other tasks so as to promote good work and
  organizational habits.



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