We have already started identifying several volunteer collaborators, usually retired
couples and other singular persons with different qualifications who are ready to work
with us in the creche, in youth education, in the rehabilitation of the elderly, in the
area of cultivation, in the creation of the poultry and in other activities, producing,
recovering and transforming the lives of all those who participate in it. We intend to
open a kinder garden, a primary and a secondary schools so that everybody in the Centre will have an education up to class 10 and if necessary we will also have literacy classes.
Besides this, and having in view the integral development of the human being, we also
intend to have several other activities.  


• The elderly are people with great life experiences and these values will be transmitted to the young people through lessons which will be part of the school curriculum and will be ministered by those elderly who are qualified in those values such as for example moral and civic education;
• It is assumed that the majority of these elderly will have their own profession the knowledge of which will be transmitted to the youth during the extra-curricular activities. 
• If there are elderly who are teachers, nurses, carpenters and others, we will value their abilities giving them a proper job.
• This way, each elderly whenever possible, will have a job within the Centre so that they can feel themselves useful to society.
   - will take care of the children; 
   - will instruct the young people in the human values;
   - will instruct the young people in the different manual professions.



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